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Buylist Information (Please Read):

We offer payment via Store Credit, PayPal or Check ($10 Minimum, 3-5 Day Processing Time) Payment via PayPal will have fees applied. For more information, please click here.

We offer a 25% bonus for payments issued in store credit. Store credit can be used at, or in-store at our Tallahassee location, and never expires.

All prices shown are for Near Mint cards, unless otherwise specified. Prices will be adjusted downward if the cards we receive are graded below that.

Buylists MUST be delivered to our store, by mail or in person (please contact craig@taraangelsmagic to set up an appointment).

We only buy English language cards unless noted on our buylist.

We grade signed or stamped cards as damaged, please note this before sending your buylist order.

If you would like to receive your payment as fast as possible, please include “SKIP DOWNGRADE” in the Order Comments section during checkout.

If you would like to be notified of any and all grading adjustments before we pay you for your submission, please include "HOLD ORDER" in the Order Comments section during checkout.

If you have any questions or concerns about selling cards to us contact for assistance.

We buy most cards graded below Near Mint at the following rates:


Lightly Play (LP)

Moderately Played (MP)

Heavily Played (HP)











How do I sell cards to Tara Angel’s Magic? (Please Read)


Please log in to your Tara Angel’s Magic account BEFORE adding items to your buylist cart.

Type the name of the card you would like to sell into the search bar.

Please select the exact version of the card you would like to sell.

Our buylist cart has a 250 line item limit.

Follow the system prompts to complete your buylist.

After you submit your buylist, we must verify that we want to buy everything at the listed prices. Please read the confirmation email carefully when it arrives because sometimes, we do make changes.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within 2 business days, please contact us at

Please include a print out of your confirmation email or your buy order #, name and email in the package.

Make sure that your cards are sorted in the exact order that they appear on your confirmation email. Please note that there may be a delay in processing your order if it arrives out of order and a fee of up to 10% of your total may be applied.

Please do not sleeve any cards below $10.00 in value.

Remember to package your cards securely. Do not put cards in plastic zip lock bags or wrap them with rubber bands. We highly recommend packaging your cards in boxes designed to hold trading cards with padding, to prevent them from moving.

All buylist submissions must be mailed or hand delivered directly to Tara Angel’s Magic. Please address all buylists to:


Tara Angel’s Magic

2810 Sharer Road

Unit 11

Tallahassee, FL 32312


We strongly recommend that you purchase tracking and insurance for your package. Occasionally packages are lost or damaged in transit and we are not responsible for mistakes made by mail carriers.

We ask that all buylists sent to us are received at our facility within 7 business days. After that time, any prices we have offered are subject to change. Your buylist will remain active in our system for 21 days, after which time acceptance is not guaranteed.

We email all sellers whose buylists depreciate by 25% or more in value due to grading before we complete their submission. If we do not receive a reply within 2 business days, we will continue to process their submission as usual.

At the end of each business day we have a second associate double check each buylist to verify that it has been graded accurately. For this reason, please allow up to 2 business days for us to send payment after your buylist has been graded.

If you want to remove items from your buylist or change the payment type, please contact to inform us of the adjustment.

If you want to add additional items to a buylist, please submit an additional buylist for those items instead. You are welcome to include multiple buylists in one package but remember to include the invoice for each one.



Buylist FAQ


When will payment for my buylist submission be sent?


Most payments are sent within two (2) business days of receiving your submission.


How long does it take to receive payment via check?


Check payments mailed to a U.S. address typically arrive within 3-5 business days, though may take up to two (2) weeks in some cases. Check payments mailed to an address outside the U.S. typically arrive within three (3) to five (5) weeks, though delays beyond this estimate can occur due to delays with clearance through customs.


I created two separate buylist submissions. Can I send them in the same package?


You are welcome to mail multiple orders in the same package; we simply ask that you ensure all orders are kept distinct from one another and that all invoice printouts are included. 


I want to add or remove items from my buylist submission. How do I do that?


You can add items to your buylist submission simply by creating a second buylist submission and mailing them within the same package — just remember to keep them distinct from one another and to include both invoice printouts. If you would like to remove items from your buylist submission, simply email us a list of the items you wish to remove.


Do you purchase non-NM cards?


We are happy to buy cards in every condition from Near Mint to Damaged. We grade buylists upon arrival according to our condition guide.


Do you buy non-English cards?


We do not buy non-English cards unless the item specifically indicates a language other than English on our buylist page. If we receive non-English copies in place of English ones, we will either return the items to you at your expense or buy them from you at 50% of their English value.


Do you buy signed or stamped cards?


We do not buy signed or stamped cards. If we receive signed or stamped cards, we will grade them as if they were Moderately Played at best and pay for them according to the rate for that condition.


I want to change my payment type (Store Credit / PayPal / Check). How do I do that? 


Email us your desired change. If you are switching to payment via check, please let us know your mailing address. If you are switching to payment via PayPal, please let us know your PayPal email address.


Can I split my payment among various payment types (Store Credit / PayPal / Check)?


We are happy to split your payment in any way you would like, simply email us your desired split. Any portion of the payment issued via store credit will receive the 25% bonus.


The tracking for my package was marked as “refused”. What does that mean?


If a package arrives at our facility with extensive damage to the outer packaging, it may be refused upon attempted delivery. If this has happened to you, we recommend contacting the mail carrier directly in order to learn more about the status of your package.


Can I hand-deliver my buylist submission to Tara Angel’s Magic in Tallahassee?


Yes!  Please email us if you would like to schedule time for delivering your buylist submission to our physical location.


I have a lot of Magic: the Gathering Cards, but I do not know the value of them. What do you suggest I do?


You can browse our site and search each card individually, however, we recognize that this is rather time consuming. Alternatively, you can schedule to meet with our buyer for a quote. Please ensure that your cards are rarity sorted and damaged cards are removed. Email for further assistance and to schedule an appraisal.


Something came up and I'm no longer able to send you my buylist submission. What do I do?


Email us and we will cancel your buylist submission. We appreciate you letting us know!

Betrayed by the gods. Banished to the underworld. Rise up and escape your fate.
Betrayed by the gods. Banished to the underworld. Rise up and escape your fate.
Betrayed by the gods. Banished to the underworld. Rise up and escape your fate.
Betrayed by the gods. Banished to the underworld. Rise up and escape your fate.