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How Do I Sell Cards to Tara Angel's Magic?

(We only buy English cards only)


1.) You can quickly find the prices we are paying for the cards you wish to sell by Searching or Browsing the Products & Cards section from the toolbar on the left side of this page. Now, just add them to your Sell Cart (to get out of selling mode, just click the store logo at the top).

2.) To Edit or Checkout, click "View Buylist / Submit" link in the Cart Summary section.

3.) Follow the system prompts to complete the sell order.  You will be asked how you prefer to receive payment for your Buy-list Order.  Please make sure to safely package your cards in the order they appear on your receipt. 
4.) Once you receive our confirmation email, it is ready to ship to us.

5.) We will notify you when your package arrives. You will also receive an email receipt confirming the condition of the cards we received.  Unless otherwise specified in our buy list, the prices that are listed on our buy list are for cards in NM(near mint)/Mint condition. All cards must be NM/Mint condition to receive full credit. We cannot guarantee that any card received in less than NM/Mint condition will be bought by Tara Angel’s Magic, LLC. 


5.a) In the event that we receive any card in less than NM/Mint condition, unless otherwise specified on our buy list, we may reject that card from the confirmed sale for non-compliance our buying policy.  The receipt of a card that is in less than NM/Mint condition will be considered a separate offer by the sender for Tara Angel’s Magic, LLC, to negotiate the purchase of that card.   


5.b) If a card is rejected for non-compliance but was received along with other cards that are not rejected for non-compliance, the sale will proceed as if the rejected card and its corresponding value was not included in the transaction.  The non-conforming card may be returned to the sender, or, at the option of Tara Angel’s Magic, LLC, we may negotiate to buy that card at a discounted price.  A reasonable discount to expect for a non-conforming card may be 50% of the listed buy price.  Additionally, the minimal cost for return shipping may be recoverable by Tara Angel’s Magic, LLC, as a cost against the total purchase price of the confirmed sale or, if the amount of the purchase price does not equal the cost of return shipping (for large Buy-list Orders that contain a majority of the cards being rejected), you may be charged for this expense before the cards will be returned.  Please do not attempt to sell cards that are less than NM/Mint condition unless you are willing to sell those cards for one-half of the price listed on our buy list.

6.) We ensure that we will promptly process your Buy-list Order upon receipt of your cards and payment will issue promptly, through the approved payment method specified by you during check-out.



We ONLY buy English cards.   

Prices shown are for NM/Mint Cards, however if you send us cards that are less than NM/Mint, we will give a fraction of the NM/Mint buy price.


****If you have a large collection of cards (500+) that you wish to sell to us, please email me directly for a quote. We will work out an arrangement from there.


We strongly suggest you purchase tracking and insurance when sending us your Sell Order! Lets face it, occasionally the post office is unreliable and we are NOT responsible for lost packages.

Send Your Cards To:

Tara Angel's Magic

Attn: Buyers

2415 N. Monroe St. Unit 2060

Tallahassee FL 32303

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