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Jumpstart Booster Pack

Jumpstart Booster Pack

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  • Description

    Jumpstart takes the best parts of limited and constructed Magic and fuses them into a dynamic, innovative play experience. Grab two boosters, shuffle them together, and you’re ready to go!

    46 THEMES

    Dogs! Pirates! Rainbows?! Some themes even have multiple versions. Think of the possibilities!


    Pick your two favorite themed boosters and go off with epic combos and synergies.


    Crack two boosters, shuffle, and play. Easy to learn and hilariously replayable.


    Each Jumpstart booster includes 20 cards. All 20 cards fit a theme, and most themes have multiple variations—enough to make 121 possible 20-card lists inside any given pack. Lands are included, so two packs are all you need to start battling.


    Key Features:

    ·   Some of the basic lands show off magnificent art, printed here for the first time.

    ·   One in three boosters includes an extra rare.

    ·   It's loaded with reprints—almost 500 of them.

    ·   Jumpstart introduces 37 cards to the game.

    ·   It's closely tied to Core Set 2021—they share a lot of content—but Jumpstart is a stand-alone product.

    ·   All cards are legal in Eternal formats (Legacy, Vintage, Commander)

    ·   Some extra-special "Mythic Rare" themes have only one possible card list.


    ·   1 Jumpstart Booster Packs - 20 cards based on one of 46 mechanical or archetype synergies


    Official Release Date: Friday, July 17th, 2020 (We are expecting to be able to provide your Jumpstart products on this date, though, with recent COVID-19 related delays, there may be a slight delay to this release. Rest assured that we will get you your Jumpstart order. We are continuing to monitor this situation and will have more information for you when we know more.)


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