Middle School D&D Experience!

Tara Angel's Magic presents an epic one-shot D&D experience designed for you, a middle school student! Escape reality and join the world's most popular role playing game, Dungeons & Dragons! 
DAY/TIME: 2:00 PM Saturday, March 6th, 2021 (campain will last 3-4 hours)
COST: $15

EVENT INFORMATION: This a one-shot campaign, meaning the game will start and finish in the same session. This D&D Experience will last between 3 and 4 hours. This event is intended for middle school students (co-ed). Parents are welcome to stay while their children play or can drop them off (their game master and staff will supervise). Players should bring pencils and dice (which can be purchased in store). Please also bring a mask. It is required to wear a mask while inside the store. We have pre-generated characters for players to choose from in store. Campaign will consist of 4 to 6 players. Masks are required to be worn inside the store. Please sign up in advance to ensure your middle schooler will have a spot in this campaign. Tickets can be purchased on our website under "D&D Experience - THREE HOURS"

For more information, please PM us or email us at 

Article Series: Legends of the Multiverse

Legends and the Multiverse  

 Written by Jacob


Whether you call them your General or Commander, casting them is one of the best parts of Magic: the Gathering.  Commander or Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH) has become my favorite format to play.  Socializing and casting spells go great together.  EDH gives us the opportunity to play with many obscure and underplayed cards. Many players have cards that give them a sense of nostalgia.  From artwork to mechanics, aspects of this game leave impressions and create lasting memories.    

Two cards that bring forth nostalgia for me are: Zirilan of the Claw and Hivis of the Scale. The Viashino of Dominara are my favorite “lizard people” in fantasy. Being intelligent humanoid lizards from the land of Shiv on Dominaria leads to unique world building. The land is hostile to life yet there are many species that live and thrive in its dangerously arid environment. Viahino, goblins, humans and dragons all find ways to survive in this place.  And when their homes are under siege they put aside differences to unite in defense. 



The Viashino are adept metal smiths and nomads. Being able to uproot encampments at a moments notice and create the tools needed for success are admirable survival qualities among the residents of an ever changing fantasy world. Their adaptability comes at a cost; they are not the most intelligent. They do not have grand cities or technological superiority but they are still formidable. Consider the legendary pair of Zirilan and Hivis, allies to Jorael in the Mirage War. They each have abilities, represented well on their respective cards, that give them an edge over their peers. Controlling dragons is no small feat. 



As depicted in the artwork of Andrew Robinson these two characters show so much strength.  Hivis of the Scale is reminiscent of Achilles. He looks as if he is preparing to fight another classical hero with the backdrop of molten rock, unflinching. Not to be outdone, Zirilan is standing on the summit of a volcano with outstretched arms as if his prayers have been answered.  A large intimidating draconic ally has come to his aid. 



Even though the focus of these two pieces show two solitary creatures there is the sense and scale of impending battle. These two Viashino are confident in their abilities. As a planeswalker, I envy their abilities and will always summon them to lead my forces in a game of EDH.       



I am writing this because in-store play is currently limited. Many of us play EDH. There are many ways to engage with each other about the best trading card game, besides shuffling up a deck and playing. This game has so many different creatures and legends. Zirilan and Hivis are two of my favorites. There is always more to experience in the ever expanding story of the multiverse.  Each of us can find something that keeps making this game special.  I would ask anyone that reads this what characters and creatures are your favorite and why.  Blind Eternities. 


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